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Top 7 Reasons to Hire Bob


When most speakers talk about sales, what they really are talking about is Marketing. Marketing is something you buy. Sales is an activity that you do. Marketing is a tool. Sales is a skill, and when your people have learned the “Science of Sales”, Marketing may no longer be necessary. Bob can motivate your team to learn the skills that will make them eager to produce.


The skills Bob teaches will never be obsolete or replaced. There will never be a need for spending money to implement these strategies. We live and die by the words we say in sales. There are no problems in sales that the right presentation will not fix and Bob can prove that to your team once and for all. It’s empowering! It’s motivating! It’s fun!


We will tailor the message of the right Skills, right Schedule, right Systems to your audience, and your current situation or market. Anything you would like Bob to focus on, or in some cases avoid, you can just let us know. We are committed to your success personally and that of your event, and your team.


Bob has done comedy, radio, hundreds of speaking events and interacts with the audience so they are in on the joke! Engagement and fun are the goals. Doing what you love is a good goal, but avoiding what you hate is great! Let’s get your people so great at the high dollar activities that most salespeople avoid, that they will become addicted to Prospecting and Presenting like a Pro!

Easy to Work With

We never forget to make you look like a hero in front of your people. We want your audience to be thanking you for inviting Bob to speak! Anything we can do, any message you want them to get, we will customize for you!
While we are there, if you want an additional session for Leadership, or Management, just ask. We are here for you!


Bob has a unique perspective over thirty years, first as a failing real estate agent, then as a top producer, Managing real estate offices, Training agents, Broker, Recruiter, and now Owner of Fearless Agent a Company devoted to Coaching and Training Agents, Managers, Recruiters, Franchisees and Owners of Real Estate Companies.


The person you see on stage, is the same person you see offstage. Bob is just who he is. You know who and what you are getting the minute you have a conversation with Bob.

By the way, it all starts with a conversation. Feel free to call Bob on his cell phone at 480-385-8810 and schedule a time to talk about your upcoming event and how Fearless Agent and Bob Loeffler can make it a complete success for your company, your team, and you personally!

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