Recruiting Producing Agents Is As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3

Step 1. Watch

Watch the Fearless Agent Recruiting Video all the way through – Take Notes!

Step 2. Call

Call Bob, 480-385-8810 and set up a time to talk just to see if Fearless Agent Recruiting Coaching is a good fit for your company. There will be no Selling You! Bob will not be “closing you”, you will decide if it is a good fit. If it is… You will get rich… If not, Fearless Agent can still help you in many other ways!

Step 3. Recruit!

Start Recruiting Producing Agents like you never dreamed you could!

Where The Money Comes From In Your Business

If you are a real estate company owner, or franchisee you understand that ultimately all the income comes from recruiting quality producing agents. Ask yourself, are you recruiting fewer agents than you wish you were?

There are 2 Types of Owners

  1. You either are born with a magic personality that attracts high producing agents, and you have no problems with recruiting.
  2. Or, you need to learn recruiting skills like the rest of us.

The Realty Company Business Model
Recruit – Train – Retain – Upgrade!


A System Requires One Voice And One Message

Recruiting is about a set of words that work every time. When you and your leadership team speak with one voice, and the same message, it works and you love it. You won’t have a dependable system until this happens. And a system is something you can count on for years to come.

The Secret To Recruiting Success Is An Easy System

Recruiting is an easy learnable skill that anyone can master. The problem is that no one really teaches it like a system. At one point in Bob’s career as a recruiter, he didn’t have a clue how to actually recruit. But once he learned the secrets to successful recruiting, he perfected it with a step-by-step system until it became easy. Next, he created a duplicatable process that he teaches to make it scalable! He loves supporting recruiters with this system so they can experience the success of recruiting made easy!

Helps To Increase Your Bottom Line Profits

At Fearless Agent, we work with either the Real Estate Company Owner, or your leadership team (managers who recruit). We work to dramatically increase your companies bottom line. The Fearless Agent Recruiting System is a step-by-step program that supports both you and your team to bigger profits.

Enjoy The Rewards And Return On Investment

Who is ultimately responsible for recruiting and who looses sleep at night if the companies profits drop? Whether it’s just you or your leaders; brokers, managers, recruiters and trainers all need to be trained to dramatically increase their recruiting success.

You can do this by using a proven system that’s completely different than anything that’s ever been taught before. And when it works, you enjoy recruiting because you have it mastered. And best of all, you enjoy the financial rewards, profitability and business growth that goes along with it.

Here’s How It Works

It all begins with a telephone conversation to make sure it’s a good fit. We will schedule a complimentary, no pressure recruiter coaching session with you and Bob Loeffler. The initial call is for those who have an ownership stake in the business. And even if we don’t end up doing business together, Bob promises you that you will be very glad you invested the time to have a conversation.

The Fearless Agent Recruiting System is completely different than any recruiting method taught anywhere else! Think of it like a reality show makeover where an expert comes in and takes a struggling business and completely turns it around. That’s what Bob Loeffler does for your Real Estate Business. He spots exactly what’s been holding you back and fixes it!

Ask yourself, have you tried other recruiting programs in the past that just didn’t seem to make a difference or your leadership team wouldn’t embrace?

How Fearless Agent can help YOU, the Real Estate Company owner:

  • Recruiting training and accountability support for company owners, managers, trainers and recruiters
  • Help you recruit and increase productivity as your in-house training platform
  • Provide hands-on workshop for your agents or managers (workshop training from 1-3 days on site)
  • Personal coaching and accountability partner to dramatically increase your recruiting results
  • Presentation skills training for owners and managers on effective communication of your message while in front of a group of agents
  • Professional speaking presentations for your next seminar, keynote or company retreat. These presentations and events are extremely effective recruiting tools when you invite outside agents and wow them with content-rich sessions!

Are you ready for quality support that will get you the solutions you need quickly? It’s time to stop losing your best agents to the competition!

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