Why we’re different

I designed our Coaching based on my frustration with all the other coaching programs that I was a part of as an agent. I was universally dissatisfied with all the coaching programs, and they seemed to be way too expensive for what I got. Other coaching programs mostly focused on only two areas. Your “Big Why” and Accountability.

Your “Big Why” is not your Problem

We know that if you’re not reaching your goals in real estate, it has nothing to do with your “Big Why” and it has everything to do with your “Big How”. How to earn your full worth in real estate is what we are all about! We don’t care why you want to succeed in real estate, the fact that you do want to is good enough for us. It’s our job to show you exactly how!

Accountability is not the Answer

We know that accountability is never the problem. Your schedule is the problem. When every day in your real estate career is the same, it’s a business. When every day is different, it’s a non-profit nightmare!

Out of Ideas and Skills

Reporting your numbers doesn’t teach you how to fix it! When your real estate coach is talking about your “Big Why” and Accountability, you know one thing for sure; they have run out of ideas. They have run out of skills to teach you. Fearless Agent is the most comprehensive Training and Coaching System for real estate agents available at any price. We will never run out of skills to teach you!

We focus all our Coaching on three key areas:

  • The exact right words to say
  • The exact right schedule to keep
  • The exact right systems to put it all together

5 Key Presentations

There is a core set of skills based around the 5 Key Presentations that all fully competent real estate professionals must give.

  • The Fearless Agent Listing Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Pricing Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent For-Sale-by-Owner Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Buyer Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Investor Presentation

Think about it, when you have learned these 5 Key Presentations you already have skills placing you in the top one tenth of one percent of agents! Nobody will ever be able to compete with you on a Presentation again!

It’s Permanent

These Presentations are a skill that you have. They are your Product. They will never be replaced by any technology, any marketing, they cost you nothing to use, you will never buy leads again, you have a skill your competitors don’t. You win!

Easy to Learn

Each presentation includes an Audio or Video demonstration recording to help you very quickly ramp up your skills well past that of your competition. Each Presentation is ready to go out of the box, easily customizable for your brand!

Why is it so Affordable?

Why we are able to provide a much higher level of coaching at a Much More Affordable Investment is simple. What makes coaching expensive is two things. One is the regularly scheduled time slots with the coach. There are only so many hours in a day, and what the coach is selling is time. With an On-Demand, call me anytime you want model, you get way more coaching when you need it.

You call and we talk for as long as you want. While we are on the phone another student calls, and I will call them when you and I are finished. Simple and affordable, and you get way more coaching when you need it!

The other reason other coaching programs are more expensive and lower quality, is you are handed off to some un-trained active agent in some other market who has no more skills than you, and they have to be paid for taking time out of their day to talk to you. Their answer to your questions will always be to make more calls. Spend more time. Pay more money!

Our Goal for You

We want you to succeed at any level you desire, and to get the results you deserve. We need you to learn the Phone Presentations and the In-Person Presentations, so you get Scripts, Dialogues, Audio and Video recordings.

Your Questions Answered

We also want you to get your questions answered One-on-One by someone who will always know the correct answer. Sales is a Science! There is one right answer.

The Fearless Agent Skill Set

We also want you to learn all the Fearless Agent skills, schedule, systems, and there’s a lot to learn. It is not possible to teach this comprehensive and necessary skill set in a One-on-One setting or it would be way to costly. However, in a group setting this can be accomplished very affordably. For these reasons we have a three part process that accomplishes all that you need, the highest quality coaching and all at the most affordable investment possible!

4 Elements of Fearless Agent Coaching


We ship to you the Visual Binders with Audio and Video of Bob demonstrating the only 5 Presentations that any agent will ever need to hit their full potential. Listing – Pricing – FSBO – Buyer – Investor. The Visuals are designed to make it look like you created them yourself – not as if you bought them from us. The Audio and Video will coach you up to a very high level where nobody will ever be able to compete with you on a face-to-face presentation. We also e-mail to you all the Prospecting dialogues for live calls and messages left for every prospecting situation you will encounter and some other things we want you to have to get you making way more money right away!


Most Other Coaching Programs are inferior and way too expensive because they must happen at regularly scheduled times, and are usually with an active real estate agent who is not even trained in coaching, and rarely ever formally trained even in real estate sales.
Our On-Demand format allows you to get more coaching, when you need it! You call, and I take your call right then, or I call you back ASAP, and we talk for as long as it takes. So, what do we talk about?

Usually it’s about what you need to get great at next to hit that higher dollar per hour earning level, strategy stuff! Or, perhaps you were on the phone with a prospect or presenting to a client and, they said something, and you did not know how to respond. We don’t give you an answer that might be a good idea – We give you the Fearless Agent “Science of Sales” answer that is always the best you can do!


Our Group Coaching serves a different purpose. The One-on-One is all about you. The Group Coaching is a Weekly, Live Conference Call where we teach you what we call the “Science of Sales” and how it relates to every aspect of your real estate sales career. It is a PHD Level, A-Z, on going course. We cover in great depth each of the Five key Presentations, all of the Prospecting Dialogues, so you know not only what to say, but why you’re saying it. We cover Objection Handling, Farming, Negotiating, Business Building, The “Referral Factory”, Pricing, every aspect of the money earning part of your business!

It’s one hour per week uninterrupted training on over 50 different topics, with about 15-30 minutes of questions at the end. Each episode is recorded for you for later repeated review, and you don’t need to be on the call live if it comes during your prospecting time. The Group Coaching allows for us a way to teach all the Fearless Agent Skills to a Group which makes our Coaching very affordable.

Our goal is to have you not as a customer, but a “Raving Fan” of Fearless Agent Coaching. Nobody will ever care more about your success in real estate than we will, and we will do everything possible to help you in any way we can! If you ever have a question we want you to call!


The Free Video Training on our Website is better than what most programs charge you for!

We want you to participate at no cost in our Free Webinars that give you an amazing jump on your competition. You will learn advanced sales skills that no other coaches can teach you at any price, and we do it for FREE!