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Why We’re Different

Bob Loeffler, Founder of Fearless Agent, designed this coaching based upon his own frustration with every other training program that he experienced as a real estate agent. He was universally dissatisfied with all these coaching programs because they seemed to be way too expensive and they didn’t provide the quality he wanted. And most other programs mostly focused on only two areas: #1 Your ‘Big Why’ and #2 Accountability’

#1 Your Big Why Is Not Your Problem

Let’s tackle the first difference, your ‘Big Why.’ We understand that if you’re not reaching your goals in real estate, it has nothing to do with your ‘Big Why.’ Instead, falling short of your goals in real estate has everything to do with your ‘Big How.’

Your ‘Big How’ allows you to earn your full worth in real estate and that’s exactly what the Fearless Agent program teaches! We don’t care why you want to succeed in real estate, the fact that you do want to succeed is reason enough for us. It’s our job as your coach, to show you exactly how to reach your goals for absolute financial success!

#2 Accountability Is Not The Answer, either

Accountability coaches ask you to continually report your numbers. Reporting your numbers doesn’t teach you how to fix it! Accountability is never the problem. Your schedule is the problem!

Fearless Agent offers you the formula to master your career by mastering your day, your week and your year. When you have a system in place, every day in your real estate career is the same and it becomes a success. But when every day is different, you are probably running a non-profit nightmare!

Never Run Out Of Ideas And Skills Again

When your real estate coach is constantly talking about your ‘Big Why’ and Accountability, one thing is certain … they run out of ideas. And they run out of skills to teach you. But, at Fearless Agent we never run out of skills to teach you!

Fearless Agent is the most comprehensive training and coaching system for real estate agents available anywhere at any price. Period.

Fearless Agent Is Different Because We Focus Our Real Estate Coaching On 3 Key Areas:

  1. The exact right words to say every time.
  2. The exact right schedule to keep every day.
  3. The exact right systems to pull it all together.

5 Key Presentations For Making A Lot Of Money

There is a core set of skills based around the ‘5 Key Presentations’ that all fully competent real estate professionals must be great at in order to make a lot of money.

The 5 Key Income-Generators for Fearless Agents:

  1. Listing Presentation
  2. Pricing Presentation
  3. For-Sale-by-Owner Presentation
  4. Buyer Presentation
  5. Investor Presentation

Think about it, when you have learned these ‘5 Key Presentations’ you already have lifetime skills that place you at in the TOP 1% of all real estate agents in any market area! With these skills … Nobody will ever be able to compete with you on a Presentation again!

Permanent Skills For Life

These presentations become a skill that YOU possess for life! You can switch over to another company and your skills go with you. You can even step into another sales field and take these skills with you. They are yours forever! They are your Product … Your Secret Weapon!

These skills will never be replaced by technology, or by any marketing. And best of all they cost you nothing to use these skills over and over again!

You will never have to buy leads again. You will have a skill that your competitors can’t even come close to. And you will win every listing, and every sales presentation that you go on! Always!

Easy To Learn And Implement

Each presentation includes an audio or video recording to help you very quickly ramp up your skills … well past that of your competition. Each presentation is ready to go out of the box and easily customizable for your real estate company brand.

Why Is It So Affordable?

The reason we are able to provide a much higher level of coaching as a much more affordable investment is simple. Other coaching programs are expensive for two reasons:
First, they have regularly scheduled ‘time slots’ to speak with a coach. Fearless Agent’s ‘On-Demand’ set-up invites you to call any call me anytime you want, any time you have a question, any time you are ready to work on a skill or dialogue. When you call is up to you. We work around your schedule.

Secondly, is the fact that you are ‘passed along’ onto some untrained, still-active real estate agent from a market area outside of yours. He or she has not more skill at sales than you do! They have to be paid a wage for taking time out of their real estate day in order to talk to you.

How successful could their business be? By the end of the call, after you’ve reported your numbers, their coach will always tell you to make more calls. Spend more money on marketing, and spend more time and money on coaching.

It’s All About You

Fearless Agent on-demand coaching is completely different from ‘time-slot’ coaching.

Here’s How It Works: You call and we talk for as long as you want. While we are on the phone, another coaching student calls, and when you and I are finished, I call them back. Simple. Affordable. Centered around YOU, your needs, your schedule. In summary, you simply get more coaching when and how you need it!

Our Goal For You

At Fearless Agent we want you to succeed at any level you desire. We want you to get the results you deserve. And we want you to be confident in and absolutely master the ‘On-the-Phone’ presentations and the ‘In-Person’ presentations. Therefore, we’ve made learning a simple process using scripts, dialogues, audio and video recordings.

Your Questions Are Answered Quickly

Because we want you to get all of your questions answered, you have access to Bob personally on a one-on-one basis. You questions will be answered not by some failing real estate agent, but by someone who will always know the correct answer, someone who cares, and someone with decades of real estate experience!

A Very Affordable Investment

We want you to learn the Fearless Agent skills, schedule, and system and that’s why we created an exclusive group program that can work for more agents just like you.

There’s a lot to learn … And if we were to teach the Fearless Agent’s comprehensive skill set completely on a one-to-one basis, it would be unaffordable for most agents. However, in a group setting like this, these skills are taught very affordably.

Our Fearless Agent 4-Part Process accomplishes the highest quality real estate agent coaching and all at the most affordable investment possible!

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