I designed our Coaching based on my frustration with all the other coaching programs that I was a part of as an agent. I was universally dissatisfied with all the coaching programs, and they seemed to be way too expensive for what I got. There’s a reason we have 100% Raving Fans! Give me a call at 480-385-8810 today to learn more.

Bob Loeffler – Fearless Agent Founder

What We Do

Bob Loeffler got into real estate 30 years ago, when mortgage rates were 15% and the average market time for listings in his area was over a year. He eagerly devoured all the industry and company training, took classes, worked hard, and failed miserably. After 5 years of poverty-level earning and frustration, he turned his career around with a unique sales strategy.

A Simple Plan

Focusing on this simple business plan, in just 90 days Bob generated 50 Listings, Sales, Sold Listings and Closings. A failing female associate of Bob’s also adopted this method who in turn took 19 listings in that same 90 days. They joined forces and became the number one, top producing team for CENTURY 21 in the state of Arizona. For Bob and his Partner, this success was effortless, not because they had talent, but because they finally had learned the “Science of Sales”.

The Right Words

These are skills any agent can quickly learn but nobody in our industry ever teaches them! He now teaches these amazing, easy-to-learn skills to agents all over North America. Bob takes his audience through everything from Lead Generation, Presenting, to Closing – incorporating the exact words, situations and examples from real life. Bob and the whole team at Fearless Agent absolutely love real estate Agents, Company Owners, and Managers and they love making your job easy and profitable!

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