Shameless plug: if you're not already a member of fearless agent coaching... are you allergic to money??? I've been a member for a short time but the impact on my business has been tremendous.

The best listing presentation ever? Check! The best script for getting a listing appointment in the first place? Check! But it's more than that... Bob teaches a foundation of sales that is so simple, it amazes me how hard we as realtors -- our entire industry! -- has made the process. If you've ever wanted to be the best agent in your area, truly the best not "blah blah I'm the best but really I'm the same as every other one", you need Fearless Agent.

If you've ever doubted yourself when prospecting for business, or been in a listing / buyer appointment and not known with 100% certainty that you're THE BEST and they would be LUCKY to work with you, then you need FA. I can't thank Bob enough for what he's taught me, and the impact it's had on my life. He's VASTLY undercharging for what value he has to offer for those willing to listen and implement. I would grossly overpay for access to his teachings, and be happy that I did.

Josh Gartenbaum - JAG Realty Group - 503-933-0172

Joining Fearless Agent Coaching as a brand new agent is the Best Investment I could have ever made in my real estate business! My first day calling Expired’s I booked my very first listing appointment ever! I did my very first listing presentation and got it at full commission!

Words cant express how thankful I am for Bob Loeffler, none of this would have been possible with out his killer cold calling strategies, listing presentation and most importantly PRICING presentation!

My clients were very impressed they said " Wow! You really are different than all other agents!" Going into the appointment I was fully prepared and not nervous. If I didn’t have the Fearless Agent Tools I would have never gotten the appointment or wouldn’t know what to say at the appointment.
I presented myself differently from the other agents they interviewed.

Since I have joined, Bob has been a phone call away ready to help me with any question I have and his advice is point on!!! I cant imagine how much time I have saved myself from trying to figure out the right way to do things. Bob has already done the hard part of figuring out what works and what doesn't work, all I have to do is follow his proven system! I'm at the very very beginning of my career and with Fearless Agent on my side I know I have everything I need to be SEVERELY SUCCESSFUL!!!

Carolynn Castillo - New Castle Realty - 954-815-2121

“Bob, I just want to thank you for your training. Since I signed up for your Fearless Agent Coaching my business has completely changed, my level of confidence skyrocketed and I enjoy selling to new heights of pleasure I have never experienced before. Anxiety and fear are gone for good. Also I want to thank you because just last week I got a listing thanks to one of the magic questions you taught me, and sold it three days later for $10K above asking price and at full commission.

In addition to that, I made the great decision of investing in your Fearless Agent Recruiting Program and it changed my little office form 3 agents and myself to 14 agents and myself, in one month. Ten new recruits in one month! Now we have a more active, happier productive office and everyone is being trained, ONLY, with the Fearless Agent system.
Thank you for transforming my business, my office and my level of confidence!”

Jorge Roque - Florida

The best decision I ever made for my career was joining Fearless Agent coaching and training. Bob Loeffler has changed my life and brought my business to a level I did not think was possible. Words cannot describe how amazing Fearless Agent is, but I will try to describe my experience.

The presentations alone were worth the investment. Bob's presentations are completely different than anything else I have seen, and they work so much better than what I was doing before. Sellers are now enthusiastically signing up with me because my presentation is so great, thanks to Bob.

Bob's group and on-demand coaching calls are amazing as well. Bob is approachable, knowledgeable, and hilarious. The first time I spoke with Bob I knew his coaching was for me. Every time I've spoken with him since, I have come away as a stronger more confident agent. I have a notebook full of notes from the group coaching calls as well. Every week Bob teaches the group a new lesson that makes me a better agent.

My only regret about joining Fearless Agent is that I did not join sooner. I can honestly say the closer I have followed Bob's advice, the better I have done in my business. Bob has been the single greatest influence on my career and I am eternally grateful for Bob and Fearless Agent.

Anthony Ferrando - Austin TX 281-536-7901

The advice you have given each time has changed my business drastically. Last month we closed 1.8 million in sales volume which came from seven transactions. I logged back into my CRM and since I started with you six weeks ago I had 42 appointments. Which blows my mind.

After our first conversation and my new box of tools you sent in the mail I took your advice and we decided to change our business model and move away from the Fix N Flip clients and work the Buy and Hold investors strategy as well as start taking more listings. I have a large data base of clients so one by one I called them and asked them to meet me in my office. I sat them down and did the Fearless Agent Investors presentation.

Having based an entire business off of working with fix n flip guys, the language of ROI, 1031 exchange, cash flow, leverage, and appreciation, just made sense. So I ran with it. The first thing I have to say is the Questions at the beginning of the presentation are extremely powerful. WOW, how they will separate clients who have money to invest and those who are not qualified right away. They also set you up differently than all other agents, since No one asks these questions. Does negative Cash Flow concern you? If it does we got a problem. Do you know how to calculate your annual rate of return? Absolutely love it, and the idea of appreciation instead of talking cap rate is a home run!

Each presentation I got better and better and I continued to call down my lists of investors and one day my Big Fish walked through the door and sat across the table. By the time I was done with the presentation they were not only sold on me and my company but completely sold on the idea of the Buy and Hold investing strategy. His wife at one point hit him in the shoulder and said ‘we are never flipping another property again, this is the only investing we will do in real estate from this point forward’.

While waiting for their documentation from the CPA to reach the lender, we went shopping and picked up two properties one in Scottsdale, the other in Phoenix.
Even more mind blowing is they had been working with another agent, but that agent never sat them down and did the Fearless Agent Investor presentation. That agent didn’t get a buyer broker agreement signed and lost a client who has longevity, and the sad thing is that agent could have been me had I not made that decision six weeks ago to invest in my future, my companies future, and my families future.

When the lender called me back with excitement in his voice and said they EACH qualified for nine investment properties at any price point of their choosing, I just smiled and knew the best decision I ever made was joining forces with Bob Loeffler and Fearless Agent. Thank you Bob.

Ryan Harju AZ - 480-993-6555

“Last year I only did 11 closings and was feeling very frustrated. I joined Fearless Agent Coaching and I'm super grateful today!. I'm beyond happy I made the investment in Fearless Agent. Now I'm already on track for 30 for the year but I know I'll close 40! Thanks Fearless Agent - the future is bright! If you haven't gotten into Fearless Agent yet, stop wasting time!!”

Cody Barton - AZ (age 22)

“I met Bob after being in the Real Estate industry for one month. I joined Fearless Agent and soon after started the prospecting process. My very first listing I took, listed for $1,300,000 and sold within two months on market using both the Fearless Agent listing presentation and pricing strategy! BOOM Paycheck. Since then I have taken another listing at $1,325,000 and another $800,000. To date I have never listed a home for under $400,000 while getting all of these listings without a discount! The Fearless Agent presentations and strategies work.”

Trent Beaver - AZ

In my 12 months prior to joining Fearless Agent I averaged $15k monthly commissions. After joining I’m averaging over $40k in commissions per month and I’m on target to do over $400k this next 12 months!
These results are clearly exceeding my expectations.

The power of the Fearless Agent Sales Presentations is undeniable.

Chip Walsh - SC

“Let me start off by saying I have coached with a few different companies in the past including Mike Ferry. When I found fearless agent I was looking for a no nonsense simple system that produced results and that is what I found.
Bob has created a step by step system that if you practice and follow it, you will get great results. With previous coaching programs I was doing 2 transactions a month. Since joining fearless agent I have been setting 3-4 Listing appointments per week! An easy 50% increase in my business!

I now take 3 Listings a month, and closed 36 last year, and making way more money! What could be better than that?”

Matt Dovner - FL

“I would love to tell the story of how much you helped me. When I first got into real estate it was because I wanted a better life for my son and my family. I worked hard as a teacher but living in Fairfeild county CT with the “1% ers" with wealth in every other town around us being a teacher wasn't going to help. So my passion was high end homes. Everyone told me what do you know about luxury or money. You have no money and never came from money so why would anyone work with you. So I said I could do it anyway and right away I knew I would need a coach. I searched and looked online at all the "gurus" of the real estate business and after spending thousands of dollars with a ton of BS I found myself broke and learning nothing. I tell you this to make it clear you have 1 choice and 1 choice only to be an immediate success. I first found Bob and Fearless Agent coaching after thousands of wasted dollars and hours of wasted time with other coaching programs. Fearless Agent Coaching gave me what to say and when to say it. The complete Audio and Video and dialogues are not only amazing but perfect for new or experienced agents. Sill the best part is Bob himself. He was always their and still is to take my call and help me out. He wont stroke your ego but instead be the perfect combination of encouragement and tough love. I can say that my family owes him the biggest thank you. After 3 months with bob I went from 0 listings to 12 listings and over 20 million in inventory. I will be closing on 5 homes this next month for over 60 thousand dollars.

Listing inventory from cold calls in three months:
7.3 million - 6.3 million - 3.1 million - 1.8 million - 1.7 million - 1.6 million - 1.1 million -999 k - 750 k - and 3 others

Thanks you Bob and Fearless Agent Coaching!”

Michael Ferarro - CT

“We called and Bob responded with answers / suggestions RIGHT AWAY to one of our listing questions. We needed his help right in the heat of the moment and he was spot on with REAL EFFECTIVE verbiage to use in response to this matter. After doing what was recommended, we received the response that the seller ultimately wanted after all! We thank God for Fearless Agent!”
“New Sign call from one of our new listings. The prospective client called back to cancel an upcoming appointment. They’d found out that their Loan program offers them .5% back if they use one of their “preferred” agents!
I used a Fearless Agent Dialogue and confirmed the appointment for Monday! They were like, "OH MY, we must meet with you right away!"

Bob, THANK YOU for taking the time to enhance our tool belt with various tools we can utilize in all types of situations we are faced with daily!!! Just when you think you have this thing called “Real Estate” down pat, listen to Bob’s dialogue and you’ll quickly realize there is more opportunity to increase your income drastically! We truly thank God for the day that we heard about Fearless Agent!”

Bobbie Carrington - Dallas TX

“While I was FSBO I spoke to a homeowner named Tina. At the time she was not interested in listing, but told me to call back in a couple of weeks. I called back in one week and she was already interviewing agents! Tina told me I could come over, but she wasn't going to give me much time, because she had pretty much decided on an agent already. The agent happened to be a broker from my own office. I woke up the morning of the listing appointment and was going to cancel but I suddenly decided that I was not going to cancel and that I was going to give the best Fearless Agent presentation possible. At the conclusion Tina stated, "I wasn't going to allow you to come over, but something you said on the phone piqued my interest." (Secret Fearless Agent Stuff) She further stated that she had no intention of giving me anymore than ten minutes of her time, but after I gave the Fearless Agent presentation she thought that I was some kind of real estate genius. I ended up spending two hours at her house and got the listing instead of the other broker from my own office. The moral of the story is, I was smart enough to sign up with Fearless Agent right at the start of my career. Thanks Bob!”

Steve F. - Lakewood Ranch FL

rateful. Lucky I met the guy. Those are typically the first things that come to my mind when I think about you Mr. Bob Loeffler. I am extremely grateful not only for having met you, yet for your patience and confidence in me as I started out young in the real estate business. Pretty much if I can make it, I am sure any one of your students can make it. Every time anyone asks me how I got so skilled at prospecting, I let them clearly know, that my real estate business is in direct proportion to the training that you gave me over the years. Thank you.

This year I will close 68 transactions! Hard to believe. I’m older now. Pushing the big 30 next year. Yet relatively I am still young in this business and in life. Thank you for giving so much time and attention to me through the years. Honestly the only thing that has enabled my success is the relentless ability to stay prospecting every single day. A skill that had it not been for you, I would not have made it to where I am today. Thank you for teaching me such a strong drive to prospect.

I am extremely thankful for the unique skill set that I developed mentoring with you. These last two years especially, have been the most rewarding and fulfilling time in my entire 8 year career. As I have persevered with your support, more and more people have begun to not only respect me and my business, yet truly value my service. Thank you.

Thank you Bob for being one of the most influential person’s in my entire life. My business, which is the next most important thing next to God and my family, is a derivative of the time you so graciously spent smacking me into action. Thank you.

Colton Lindsay - KW UT - (801) 991-0559