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The Fearless Agent Coaching Program fearless-watchvideo

What It Costs: $997 One time only + $97 per month (No Contract - Cancel Anytime)



What You Get:

One on One Coaching

This is all about you! This is about you building your unique business in real estate. Most Other Coaching Programs are inferior and way too expensive because they must happen at regularly scheduled times, and are usually with an active real estate agent who is not trained in coaching, and rarely ever formally trained in sales. Our On-Demand format allows you to get more coaching, closer to when you need it! You call and I take your call when possible, or I call you back ASAP, and we talk for as long as it takes.

Includes 5 Key Presentations: Visuals & Demo Recordings Shipped

There is a core set of skills based around the 5 Key Presentations that all fully competent real estate professionals must give.

  • The Fearless Agent Listing Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Pricing Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent For-Sale-by-Owner Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Buyer Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Investor Presentation
Includes all the Fearless Agent Prospecting Dialogues and More

Anything we have in print that will help is included all you have to do is ask! We Initially send you all the prospecting dialogues and half of the Listing Presentation in print just to get you started Learning and Earning right away! So, when we talk, what do we talk about? Usually it’s about what you need to get great at next to hit that higher dollar per hour earning level, strategy stuff! Or, perhaps you were on the phone with a prospect or presenting to a client and, they said something, and you did not know how to respond. We don’t give you an answer that might be a good idea - We give you the Fearless Agent “Science of Sales” answer that is always the best you can do!

Includes Roadmap Group Coaching

Our Group Coaching is a Weekly, Live Conference Call where we teach you what we call the “Science of Sales” and how it relates to every aspect of your real estate sales career. It is a PHD Level, A-Z, on going course. We cover in great depth each of the Five key Presentations, all of the Prospecting Dialogues, so you know not only what to say, but why you’re saying it. We cover Objection Handling, Farming, Negotiating, Business Building, The “Referral Factory”, Pricing, every aspect of the money earning part of your business! It’s one hour per week uninterrupted training on a topic, with about 15-30 minutes of questions at the end. Each episode is recorded for you for later, repeated review, or if you miss the call. The Group Coaching allows for us a way to teach all the Fearless Agent Skills to a Group which makes it very affordable.

Each serves a different purpose. On-Demand, One-on-One + Group allows us at Fearless Agent to give you everything you need, a much higher quality experience, more coaching when you need it, at a way more affordable investment!