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1. The Amazing Fearless Agent Prospecting Dialogues

You will immediately receive prospecting dialogues for every live-call situation:

  • Contacting your sphere
  • Asking for referrals
  • Cold calling
  • Door knocking
  • For Sale By Owners
  • Open Houses
  • Etc…..

You will also receive these same dialogues in a “message left” format for when you don’t get them live on the phone. Knowing the Fearless Agent prospecting dialogues will give you a grossly unfair advantage over your competitors!

2. Five Presentations

Customer visuals plus Audio and Video recordings of Bob demonstrating these five presentations:

  • The Fearless Agent Listing Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Pricing Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent For-Sale-by-Owner Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Buyer Presentation
  • The Fearless Agent Investor Presentation

We teach you the exact right words to say in every real estate sales situation!

3. One-To-One Personal Coaching with Bob Loeffler

Our One-To-One personal coaching format allows you to get more coaching, exactly when you need it! This is how it works: You call, Bob takes your call personally or will call you back promptly. You talk with Bob personally—not an assistant or an associate—Bob Loeffler himself. (You can actually test this out…Call Bob at 480-385-8810!)

4. Weekly Live TeleConference with Bob Loeffler

The weekly Live Conference Call where we teach you a PhD-level course in the “Science of Sales,” proven words and solutions that affect every aspect of Real Estate Sales. Subjects we cover include:

  • Objection Handling
  • Farming
  • Negotiating
  • Business Building
  • The Referral Factory
  • Pricing
  • Every aspect of what it takes to make your time count in the “money earning” part of your business!

The weekly Live TeleConference with Bob Loeffler provides uninterrupted training on a topic, with about 15-30 minutes of questions at the end. Each episode is recorded for you for later, repeated review, or if you miss the call. You learn not only exactly what to say in every real estate situation, but why you’re saying it!

What It Costs

$997 one time membership fee plus $97 monthly subscription (no contract)

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